Consider the work of a western bookmaker

The betting industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of turnover.

The profitability of the bookmakers’ business, according to their statement, reaches 8-10%, although the reality is not very high Parimatch Bahis.

Continue this business, you need to understand what level of profitability you are counting on. Unlike trade, catering and other areas of business, the profitability of a bookmaker’s office is% of a bookmaker’s office. This means that with a turnover of 1 million rubles, an entrepreneur will earn 100 thousand.

Every day the bookmaker creates his own lines, for which he finds out. the ratio of forces for a particular match to determine the likelihood of the outcome of that match. Of course, different offices may have their own vision of the outcome. And that means your rates.

For example, in the Eagles — Hares match, the bookmaker believes that the odds are 50% -30% -20% as a percentage. That is 50% that the Eagles will win, 30% that there will be a draw and 20% that the Hares will win.

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