Free online legal consultation

Free legal advice and recommendations of lawyers will allow you to resolve any issues that have arisen when faced with legal illiteracy.

Each situation is individual in its own way, for its solution it is necessary to resolve certain nuances, which you can clarify with the specialists of the Center for Legal Defense. All you need is to fill out the feedback form or call the phone number listed on our website. You will receive a preliminary consultation online or by phone.

Recently, the system of legal settlement of issues has undergone considerable changes. Therefore, it is important that the specialist is able to find modern means to solve the problem with which the client has addressed. The specialists of the Center for Legal Defense are generalists and have extensive experience in many branches of law (at least 5 years). You can not even doubt the competence of the consultant חוות דעת רפואית!

Many issues can be resolved out of court, and our practice has proven this more than once. It is enough to have a conversation with an experienced lawyer, and in most cases both parties come to a peaceful resolution of their differences. Whatever problem you have, we will be able to deal with it in a short time — free of charge and professionally!

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