Washing windows and facades of buildings

Clean windows and windows are the hallmark of a modern office building.

We also offer services for washing windows in private houses and apartments, shops, boutiques, restaurants, shopping centers. Our company has extensive experience in the organization of work. Depending on the shape, size, as well as other factors, window washing, shop windows, signage and stained glass windows can often be done only with the help of trained professionals.

Washing is done manually and with the help of specials. technicians using professional chemicals, special detergents, inventory and equipment (brushes, shooters, scrapers, high-pressure water compressors, etc.) that allows you to give them shine and restore transparency. Before washing the glass, the frames and window sills are carefully vacuumed or wiped with a soft cloth. To wash the glass, a washing solution is applied to it, after which the glass is cleaned with a sponge or washing scraper. After washing the glass frame and window sills are wiped with soft rags or suede. The frequency of window cleaning is recommended to be observed on average once every 3 to 6 months, depending on the terrain. It is not recommended to wash windows below -5C.

For washing windows at high altitude, special woods from Italian manufacturers are used, as well as aerial platforms and the possibility of industrial mountaineering. When carrying out work on cleaning windows at large sites, a schedule of work is drawn up, agreed with the Customer.

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