Car hire Spain

First of all, you should remember that on holidays (and the Spaniards have many of them), movement will be difficult in any direction.

And if it is summer outside and you are going to the sea, then you can safely add 2-3 hours to the estimated travel time.

Since the rules of the road adopted in this country, in essence, do not differ in any way from the general European ones, it remains for us to draw your attention to only some of their nuances.

The country’s historical sights can be roughly divided into European and Moorish ones Car hire Spain. There are more Mauritanian ones, since at the turn of the first and second millennia, most of the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by the Cordoba Caliphate, divided into Arab Emirates: Saragossa, Valencia, Toledo, Seville.

The Kingdom of Leon, the Kingdom of Navarra, and the County of Barcelona retained independence. If you are interested in the heritage of the Visigoths, then you are on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and further east — all the way to the Balearic Sea. And if you want to see the magnificently preserved examples of Moorish architecture, then the entire center and south of the country are at your disposal.

You can start with the former capital of the Caliphate — Cordoba. The huge Mesquita Mosque is considered a masterpiece of Islamic art.

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