Cotton candy

Cotton candy is a sweetener that is mainly sold at fairs.

In a cotton candy machine, about five to six grams of table sugar or isomalt — in many cases maple syrup is also used in North America — are heated, liquefied and spun by centrifugal force. Granulated sugar is heated on a heating coil to the pour point at around 150 ° C and centrifuged away from the spinning head by the centrifugal force.

On the way from the spinning head, the liquid sugar solidifies into threads and is wound up in a round tub with a stick as cotton candy. The resulting threads are not crystalline as the starting material, but amorphous. Therefore, they are soft as cotton wool. The cotton candy also owes its name to this cotton-like texture. The addition of food dyes allows the cotton candy to be colored in a variety of colors. Additional flavors of many flavors, such as blueberry, strawberry, cherry or melon, increase the range of offerings.

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