How can you benefit from our exclusive iHerb Affiliate program?

The largest online store of vitamins, dietary supplements and natural products has opened an affiliate program.

By promoting iHerb products, partners will be able to earn 10% of the sale, and the company’s «home brands» will double the revenue to 20%. The iherb affiliate program will complement the existing referral program, which allows you to get 5% of the purchase amount of the attracted client. A significant difference between the affiliate program and the referral program is the lack of a $ 5 discount for the first order. The store offers two options for cooperation: a referral program and an affiliate program.

The referral program is open to every user of the store. When you make your first purchase, you get a unique code that can be used by other customers to get a discount. Each customer who uses your code will bring you 5% of the order amount.

The affiliate program will allow you to get from 10% to 20%, but there is no $ 5 discount for the first buyers. To participate in the affiliate program, it is not enough to make a purchase. Access to the affiliate program is provided to bloggers, marketers and Internet resources after a special application.

Referral Program: You get 5% of the order amount by offering customers a $ 5 discount on their first purchase. To participate, it is enough to make a purchase and receive a code.

Affiliate program: you get up to 20% of the order amount, there is no discount of $ 5, to participate you need to send an application.

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