Neurosedative relaxing massage

Neurosedative relaxing massage is a special massage technique aimed at deep relaxation,

which is achieved through muscle relaxation and exposure to skin receptors associated with the nervous system. The author’s technique of neurosedative nuru massage is based on continuous rhythmic action, almost without taking his hands off the client, resulting in a state of deep relaxation, and in 80% of cases — sleep.

The technique of neurosedative mass can be applied both in SPA salons and in medical institutions. Often fiery into sleep after such a mass is certainly a positive effect. Neurosedative massage helps to eliminate many problems, such as:

chronic fatigue or fatigue;
sleep disturbance (heavy falling asleep, insomnia or troubled sleep);
psycho-emotional problems: stress, apathy, anxiety or irritability, depressive
effective in case of mental or obvious overwork;
helps to relieve pain in the muscles;
helps eliminate migraines.

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