Startup — Constructor of Success

A startup is a newly created company (possibly even not yet a legal entity) that is at the development stage and is building its business either on the basis of new innovative ideas or on the basis of technologies that have just appeared.

Most often, the characteristic features of a startup are a lack of finances and the fragile, almost “partisan” position of the company on the market. And because startups in the USA are most often created by students, such companies are often called garage companies augmented reality studios.

It should be noted that a startup refers to any area of ​​the market, and not just to the IT sphere. The most modern meaning and concept of a startup is a particular venture project.

One of the main reasons for the creation, successful development and continued existence of startups is considered to be the slowness and slowness of large corporations that successfully use existing products, and are almost not involved in the development and creation of new ones. Therefore, startups, due to their mobility in terms of implementing new ideas, compete with large corporations.

The main resource for creating a new startup is a good innovative idea. Actually, many people pursue fresh and unusual ideas and often by acquiring them they do not spare large amounts. The very idea, which does not have any material embodiment, but exists only on paper or in words (startup plan), can cost a lot. Another factor in the success of this idea is its relevance (the degree of need for the consumer), because the idea may be unusual and new, but there will be minimum benefit from it.

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