Toys for passion and romance

How to improve your love life in less than 3 seconds? With a sex toy for couples! We show you sex toys — including videos — that drive you crazy.

You have discovered a sex toy in the bedside drawer of your loved one? Congratulation! Your partner seems to be experimental. Take the inviting opportunity to put toys into your love life. Here’s why sextoys make sure you have more sex and that it’s even more intense. Sextoys have never been so innovative!

What do sex toys bring for couples?
Do you always spice up with salt and pepper while cooking? If so, you are probably only in the sex on the Blümchenvariante. However, those who like to taste their dishes sometimes with refined spices, are sure to be in bed for spicy extras. Instead of the spice rack you reach into the toy box.

Couples who regularly include sextoys in their lovemaking often find sex as communicative, experimental and fulfilling. By means of a sextoy you will get to know the preferences of the loved ones even better and can even experience a shared orgasm.

Why should man get involved in a toys for men?
Because men get the chance for even more intense (and more frequent) sex through an illustrious bedfellow. Depending on which sex toy your sweetheart is standing for, you can deduce how to make her happier even without a toy. For example, is it about G-spot stimulation, or is it even flirting with an anal chain? Then you should include such techniques in your repertoire. But do not worry, it’s not just about toys for your sweetheart. You too will get your money’s worth. Using a penis ring, for example, you can delay your ejaculation and also a masturbator is suitable for games for two.

Which sextoys for couples are there?
Ask better: what is not? Because in the modern toy box you will find almost everything you can imagine. Classic toys for couples include dildos, couple vibrators, lay-on vibrators, G-spot masseurs, vibrating eggs, finger cots, rabbit vibrators, love balls and cock rings. Of course, there are also soft toys, such as handcuffs, feather toys, paddles, or massage candles.

For long distance couples there are special toys with app control that are remotely controllable. They offer different individual vibration modes. The New York Times reported on a two-part set including an app, the individual parts of which respond to the partner’s arousal measured at the counterpart. At the end of this article you can watch a video about it.

Where do I buy sex toys for couples?
You can order sextyos in the adult market or on the internet at a large number of providers. If you can not decide on a toy, you can order a surprise package with a whole selection. When choosing sextoys, always pay attention to the quality of the product.

Conclusion: Sextoys are fun!
A sex toy can improve your love life. It brings more tension and passion to bed. The modern toys provide a completely new sense of pleasure. You want a shared orgasm? You want to last longer during sex? You can imagine prostate stimulation during sex? In all these cases, a sex toy can help you. So, what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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