Vostok komandirskie Watch

Vostok komandirskie — the brand of military watches, produced at Chistopolsky watch factory since 1965.

Since the end of the 1980s, the Chistopol factory refocused on consumer goods production. The “Commander” watches, as part of the factory’s products, also underwent significant changes, both in terms of design and quality. The release of vostok komandirskie watches was no longer focused mainly on the Armed Forces, the order of the USSR Ministry of Defense due to problems with financing was fairly “lost”, and “Commander” began to be issued according to the requests and perceptions of potential non-military buyers. The watches began to be produced in an unjustifiably “plump”, “brutal” case, a bezel appeared on almost all (not even hermetic) (a movable ring scale around the dial to control the oxygen reserve in time in the aqualung); «Admiral», «Presidential», with emblems of various types of troops on the colorful dials. In this case, the quality of manufacturing mechanisms has become significantly lower.

The star migrated from the bottom of the dial (above the number «6») to the top, having significantly increased in size, the style of the inscription «Commander» has changed. Distinctive features of these «Commander» watches, produced by order of the USSR Ministry of Defense, are: mechanism caliber 2234; the presence of the “Stop second” function (when the crown is pulled out, the second hand stops, when it is pressed back, it resumes, turning the watch into a stopwatch, which is always at hand with the owner); a small (about 3 mm diagonally) red star at the bottom of the dial, above number 6, and below it is the inscription “Chistopol”; on the lower segment of the dial in small font in a semicircle, the inscription “Order of the USSR Ministry of Defense” was made; the inscription «Commander» at the top of the dial, below the number 12; glowing composition on the hands (except the second), numbers and divisions of the dial. The shape of the figures depending on the year of release changed.

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